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TILT 23 Studios’ design philosophy is derived from the post-World War II ‘modernist’ movement. Modernism promotes sleek, clean lines and rejects ornament for its own sake. We are grounded in this tradition of minimalism and material-driven functionality, as we believe that form follows function. We embrace asymmetrical compositions with the use of geometric forms, often through flat roofs and an emphasis on horizontal lines. We believe in bringing the outdoors in through designs that create voluminous open spaces, never to imply coldness or lack of character but conversely to promote a sense of calm, warmth and comfort. We pursue these aims through our belief in a material-centric approach, featuring natural materials such as concrete, steel, stone, glass, and wood. At TILT 23 Studios we believe in working intimately with each client, and being equally attentive to the environmental particulars of each and every site we design. This attentiveness to both our clients and the particulars of their sites is evident in our portfolio through the range and diversity of projects, but our core design beliefs remain consistent across all the work we do. Ultimately, our goal is to craft beautifully customized design that is both timeless and as uniquely specific to the site as to each and every one of our clients.



Challenged to bring the outdoors inward, our design seeks to carve out distinct living spaces that remain visually consistent with the exterior scenery. Extensive glazing captures mountain views to the south and iconic city lights to the west.  The front courtyard provides privacy while allowing natural light and an immersive connection to the landscape. Site orientation, clerestories, and generous overhangs provide daylighting while mitigating the extreme temperatures of the harsh desert sun. Light stone cladding and paving aid passive cooling to minimize energy consumption.

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