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With 19 years in the design industry, Kellie’s dedication to building and design has brought her to flourish as a Project Manager at TILT 23 Studios. After her time at Southern Utah University's design school in Cedar City, Kellie went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design at the Arts Institute of Las Vegas. In her role as Project Manager, Kellie is also the lead Designer for Architecture, Site, Landscape, Interiors, and Furnishings. She leads her team through our entire customized Design process, from conception to completion.

Following extensive background from various design firms on the oversight and architectural management of projects, Kellie is pursuing her true passion in high-end custom home design. She cares deeply about each client, and brings a tireless work ethic and dedication to each project she leads. 

"Kellie's project management experience ensures a smooth customized design process. She is committed to the success of each project, start to finish, bringing a deep commitment to the unique details of every client."


O:  702.934.0723