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At T/LT 23 Studios, our mission is to be the best design firm in Las Vegas, both in design and in employee satisfaction. Here, we work to ensure that our team feels valued, heard, and has a quality of life at both work and home life. As we strive to be a collective of collaborative and design-focused individuals, it is our goal to offer every opportunity for growth in our employees' personal lives, and their careers, and the flexibility to do so. To cultivate an environment that offers all these things, it is important that we as a team hold ourselves to the same standards and work together to promote a healthy, productive workplace. That is why at T/LT 23 Studios, what we value most when working together are:

  • People who are passion about design

  • People who are supportive, patient, and kind

  • People who are service-oriented and willing to work with others

  • People who are willing to be mentored and mentor others and

  • People who are open to developing and strengthening their interpersonal relationships


At T/LT 23 Studios we support the community through volunteering, mentoring, and teaching. 

Community Garden

Community Matters to Us.

Community Service
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