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Born and raised in Northern China, Blair developed an early passion for fine art and creativity. As a child, she studied traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy from the ages of 6 to 12 years old. After moving to the United States for high school at 14, Blair’s passion for design only grew and she went on to graduate from the Art Institute of Las Vegas. Since graduating, Blair has worked passionately in the high-end residential design industry for the last 8 years in both Las Vegas and Orange County.


As Project Manager and Design Lead, Blair is responsible for maintaining quality deliverables and ensuring that each client's needs are exceeded. In this capacity, she brings a wealth of industry knowledge to her projects. She possesses an expansive command of design materials and furnishings, and she works with unmatched efficiency. Aside from her breadth of knowledge, Blair's strength as a design leader comes from the way she exemplifies professionalism through her swift and commanding yet relaxed demeanor.  

"Blair is a consummate professional who excels in the high-end custom home market by drawing on her vast knowledge base and effortless communication skills to surpass client expectations and ensure the smooth completion of each project."


O:  702.934.0723


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