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Albert received his Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture at UNLV, where he focused on digital design. With a passion for Residential design, Albert's sharp intelligence and solutions-mindedness make him essential to the company's growth. A keen aptitude for technological functionality sets Albert apart from his academic colleagues, establishing him as an invaluable member of our team. 

Albert is known for his upbeat and light-hearted attitude, and for his eagerness to collaborate. He is also the company's 'problem solver,' perpetually advancing his own knowledge of the industry in search of prudent solutions to common challenges. Both inventive and pragmatic, Albert's constant desire to learn and improve means that he finds endless fascination in all aspects of the design field.

"Albert continually wows his colleagues and clients with new design knowledge and expertise. An astute and eager self-learner, he is an explorer and innovator who exceeds expectations and raises the bar for us all."


O:  702.934.0723


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